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COVID 19 Updates

In order to avoid being classified as Spam from Google again, I am posting all the updates I was e-mailing here.  I have included all the links for orders and guidelines that I sent out this week.  I will post, as necessary, first thing in the morning, around one and at the close of the day.  You can always email or call me with questions or concerns.

The North Carolina Movers Association is trying hard to keep our membership informed about the COVID 19 crisis.  That being said, we are not lawyers, insurance agents or health care professionals.  No government agency is notifying us immediately when something happens; we are doing our own research.  We are giving our membership facts not rumors.  All information is coming from official sites.  If you have specific questions, please email the Association office and we will do what we can to get answers for you.  I am a one-person office and will answer calls as fast as I can.  If I don’t answer the phone, I’m on the phone with another member.  Email me or leave me a message and I promise I will get to you as soon as possible.


This is the designation from the CISA Division of Homeland Security that deems Transportation and Logistics as essential:

CISA actually modified to mention household good by name in their guidance:


  • Workers responsible for the movement of household goods.


AMSA had a webinar about COVID.  Here it is:

HUB International has information about starting back to work: Resuming Business

NC Phase Two Reopen Provisions:  Effective May 22 –

NC Phase One Reopen Provisions: 

This is the advice from Updater to give to you shippers:


Guidelines for new rules for filing for unemployment due to Covid-19


Payscape Flyer

Here’s a helpful article with advice about what to do if your drivers are showing symptoms on the road.
FMCSA Guidance to Drug and Alcohol Testing during COVID-19:
Forbes Magazine had an interesting article about Getting Cash for Your Small Business Through the CARES Act.
US Chamber of Commerce – CARES Act Resource Guide:





This order is effective Monday, March 30 at 5 p.m.

15.  Declares that moving and relocation services are a critical trade.

Order for Mecklenburg County:
Guidelines for Mecklenburg County:

Order for City of Durham and Durham County:


Order for Wake County and all cities in Wake County:


They are NOT listing moving and relocation specifically, but they are following the CISA Guidelines above.

Cabarrus County’s order is effective Thursday at 5 p.m.  They do mention moving and relocation as a critical trade.

Buncombe County has issued their order, effective Thursday at 8 p.m.  It does NOT mention moving by name.  We’ve got members there contacting county government and we will let you know if they are successful.

Here’s the order:
Here’s the guidance:

Guilford County‘s order is effective Friday at 5 p.m.  They do consider moving and relocation as an essential trade.

Here’s the order:
Here’s the guidance:

Winston-Salem has been to the Stay-At Home list.

Orange County‘s order is effective Friday at 6 p.m.  They do mention moving and storage as a critical trade.

Here is the order:
Their guidelines are in a link at the bottom of the press release.  It’s a pdf doc, not a web page.  I didn’t want to do attachments.

Here is the order for Pitt County.  It mentions the above CISA Guidelines in their order.

Here is their guidelines.

Here is the actual order for Madison County.

Their order concerns government agencies.

Here is the order for the Town of Beaufort

They are also following the CISA order referenced above.

Gaston County just issued their order, effective Friday at 5

They do state that moving and relocation is a critical trade.

Dare County has issued their order, effective Friday at 5

They do not mention moving and relocation by name, only transportation under CISA Guidelines above.

Forsyth County has issued their order, effective Friday at 5 p.m.

They have adopted the same provisions as Winston-Salem, so moving and storage is an essential trade.

Haywood County issued their order, effective Thursday at 5 p.m.

Moving and relocation are classified as a critical trade.

Henderson County has issued an order, effective Saturday at noon.

Moving and relocation are classified as a critical trade.


Seminar Information



The MRT Class scheduled for March 24 and the Claims,Valuation and Insurance Seminar scheduled for April 17 will not be held.

We will notify you when the training can be rescheduled.